Acker Merrall & Condit (“AMC”) is not permitted to, and does not, ship retail purchases of wine or alcoholic beverages outside of New York or California. AMC shall have no obligation to ship or otherwise deliver purchases to you outside of New York and California. All purchases are subject to AMC’s Retail Conditions of Sale if purchased at retail or our Auction Conditions of Sale if at purchased at auction, including all terms therein regarding the collection and delivery of property as well as applicable taxes. You or your designated agent may pick up purchased goods at AMC’s facilities in New York. As set forth in the applicable Terms and Conditions, If you cannot pick up the goods and require alternate arrangements for storage and/or shipping outside of New York or California, AMC will transfer your purchase to World Wide Cargo Services, Inc, to be stored until arrangements to pick up the property are made or shipping is arranged through World Wide Cargo Services, Inc, unless you direct us to deliver to another storage provider or shipping agent within New York State. AMC does not arrange shipping outside of New York or California. If you wish to provide shipping instructions here, such information will be transferred to World Wide Cargo Services, Inc for use in arranging such shipping. Prices listed here are those currently charged by World Wide Cargo Services, Inc, and any charges for shipping or storage shall be billed independently by World Wide Cargo Services, Inc. PLEASE NOTE, World Wide Cargo Services, Inc is an independent company and AMC is not responsible for its actions or its failures to act. Should you opt to have your goods placed in storage, once the goods are delivered to the World Wide Cargo Services, Inc or another designated storage company, they belong to you and you accept any subsequent risk of loss or damage.

Title to all purchases shall pass to you in New York. You agree that AMC will collect and you will pay the applicable New York state and local sales tax, unless shipping is requested to California, where AMC is permitted to ship alcoholic beverages. In such case AMC will arrange shipping and you agree that AMC will charge and you will pay the applicable California state and local sales tax. If after delivery of the goods to you, you request that your agent transfer the goods to you in another state, you understand and agree to be responsible to comply with the laws of the state into which you transfer the goods. You should check that states rules, regulations and limitations and you must pay any applicable sales, use or excise taxes. PLEASE NOTE THERE ARE STATES THAT FORBID THE TRANSFER OF WINE OR SPIRITS INTO THE STATE EXCEPT UNDER VERY LIMITED CIRCUMSTANCES. MAKE CERTAIN YOU KNOW THE LAW AND COMPLY.

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