Dujac, Sine Qua Non ~ Top Lots in Wednesday's NYC Auction!
Press Release
Acker Sells Over $4.2 million at
Sizzling Sine Qua Non Auction
Half a Million in Seller Proceeds to Benefit
Top Charitable Institutions
Lot 309: 6 magnums 2010 Dujac Chambertin in OWC
Lot 815: 6 bottles 1994 Sine Qua Non Syrah Queen of Spades in OCB
Lot 846: 1 bottle 1995 Sine Qua Non Rosé Queen of Hearts
Top Lots from this Wednesday’s New York City Auction:
Lot 309: 6 magnums 2010 Dujac Chambertin in OWC
Lot 815: 6 bottles 1994 Sine Qua Non Syrah Queen of Spades in OCB
Lot 846: 1 bottle 1995 Sine Qua Non Rosé Queen of Hearts
NEW YORK-MAY 17, 2019 – Collectors of the California cult winery, Sine Qua Non, stampeded the sales floor on Wednesday night in Manhattan, as over a half a million dollars of "SQN" traded at sizzling, significant levels, confirming Sine Qua Non's status as one of the most collectible wines in the world. Nearly 160 lots of the celebrated winery founded by Elaine and Manfred Krankl were snapped up as collectors sought rare, limited editions with their exceptional artwork. Over half a million dollars of the proceeds will benefit non-profit organizations: Cedars-Sinai Medical Center and The Best Gift Foundation, chosen by the consignor and in conjunction with the Krankls, for whom the medical center has special meaning.
Exceptional SQN formats and lots led the bidding in tandem with the most sought-after wines of Burgundy, demonstrating that savvy collectors place a premium on legendary names. “It was exhilarating to auction such iconic items from this incredible collection of Sine Qua Non,” said Acker chairman John Kapon. "The demand for these wines continue to go up, and when you drink a lot of them, as we did all week, you can see why.”
Top Selling SQN Lots
The list of top-selling SQN lots is lengthy and impressive, led by Lot 815, a six-bottle lot of 1994 SQN Syrah Queen of Spades in its original box that sold for $22,320. Additional lots brought impressive prices: Lot 846, 1 bottle of the 1995 “Rosé Queen of Hearts” was purchased for $13,640. Two double magnums of 1995 Syrah “Red Handed and The Other Hand” in OWC brought $12,400. A single bottle of 1996 “Rosé E-Lips” sold for $5,580 and 1 bottle of 1999 Sine Qua Non Gewurztraminer “Thank you for Playing” was bought for $11,160. A more extensive list of key SQN lots is available upon request.
Top 10 Lots
Burgundy made a clean sweep of the sale’s Top 10 lots, led by the famed Domaines Romanee Conti, Dujac and Henri Jayer. Lot 545, 12 bottles of 2005 DRC La Tache, led the auction, selling for $74,400, followed by six magnums in OWC of the 2010 Dujac Chambertin purchased for $52,080, and a magnum of the 2003 DRC Romanee Conti, which sold for $47,120. Six magnums of 2009 Dujac Chambertin in OWC and two bottles of 1985 Henri Jayer Richebourg both sold for $39,680, followed by two DRC La Tache lots that both sold for $37,200 consisting of five bottles of 1980 and two rare magnums of 1990. DRC continued its strong performance with five bottles of 1980 DRC Richebourg and two bottles of 2002 DRC Romanee Conti each selling for $32,240. In a tie for eighth place in the Top 10 lots were 12 bottles of 2009 Dujac Chambertin, 12 bottles of 2005 DRC Romanee St. Vivant, and two bottles of 2006 DRC Romanee Conti all of which sold for $29,760.
“This auction proves that the ongoing thirst to acquire both Californian and European icons at all levels, in all formats is unquenched,” Kapon said, referring to the diversity of prestige bottles in the auction. “As we head into our final month of live auctions for the season, we don’t see that desire relenting as we welcome wines from the cellar of Comte Louis Michel Liger-Belair on June 8th In Hong Kong, as well as the personal collection of renowned German Importer Rudi Wiest on June 19th in New York City.
Upcoming Auctions
June will be the final month of the live auction season until September, and Acker will conduct live events in Hong Kong, on June 8, featuring a direct consignment from the cellars of the great Comte Louis Michel Liger-Belair, and in New York on June 19, featuring the personal German wine collection of renowned importer Rudi Wiest. Bidders may also bid online from anywhere in the world in real time via AckerLive or from their mobile using the Acker App.
For more information about Acker auctions, please visit www.ackerwines.com
Highlights from the May 15 New York Auction
137 3 Mags 1995 G. Conterno Barolo Monfortino $8,680
203 5 Btls 1980 DRC La Tache $37,200
204 5 Btls 1980 DRC Richebourg $32,240
302 2 Mags 1990 DRC La Tache $37,200
308 6 Mags 2009 Dujac Chambertin $39,680
309 6 Mags 2010 Dujac Chambertin $52,080
313 2 Btls 1985 H. Jayer Richebourg $39,680
338 3 Btls 2002 Dujac Clos St. Denis $4,712
356 3 Btls 2007 Coche-Dury Meursault Perrieres $10,540
421 3 Btls 1997 Screaming Eagle Cabernet Sauvignon $11,160
454 1 Mag 2005 A. Rousseau Chambertin $10,540
507 12 Btls 2000 Chateau Margaux $12,400
510 1 Mag 2000 DRC Montrachet $22,320
545 12 Btls 2005 DRC La Tache $74,400
546 12 Btls 2005 DRC Romanee St. Vivant $29,760
560 12 Btls 2000 Chateau Haut Brion $9,920
634 1 Btl 1989 DRC Romanee Conti $19,840
641 6 Mags 1983 J.L. Chave Hermitage $11,160
667 6 Btls 1989 Chateau Petrus $23,560
698 2 Btls 2002 DRC Romanee Conti $32,240
699 1 Mag 2003 DRC Romanee Conti $47,120
701 2 Btls 2006 DRC Romanee Conti $29,760
731 1ea Dbl Mag 2004 SQN Syrah Poker Face, Grenache Into the Dark $8,680
737 2 Mags 2005 SQN Syrah and Grenache Atlantis Fe 203 1A $3,224
740 4 Btls 2005 SQN Syrah The 17th Nail In My Cranium $8,060
749 1ea Dbl Mag 2007 SQN Syrah and Grenache Dangerous Birds $8,060
769 1ea Dbl Mag 2010 SQN Syrah and Grenache Stockholm Syndrome $9,920
789 1ea Dbl Mag 2013 SQN Syrah Le Supplement, Grenache Jusqu'a l'os $8,680
815 6 Btls 1994 SQN Syrah Queen of Spades $22,320
817 1 Dbl Mag 1996 SQN Syrah Against the Wall $5,208
820 3 Btls 1998 SQN Syrah Hospice du Rhone, Alban Vineyard $11,160
831 2 Dbl Mag 2002 SQN Syrah Just For The Love of It $11,160
838 12 Btls 2005 SQN Syrah The 17th Nail In My Cranium $13,640
846 1 Btl 1995 SQN Rose Queen of Hearts $13,640
847 1 Btl 1996 SQN Rose E-Lips $5,580
856 1ea Mag, Btl 2001 SQN Roussanne Rien Ne Va Plus $4,712
867 1 Btl 1999 SQN Gewurztraminer Thank you for Playing $11,160
929 1 Btl 2012 SQN Chardonnay Pearl Clutcher $3,472
967 3 Mags 1994 Dominus $4,960
1035 6 Btls 1978 B. Giacosa Barolo Collina Rionda di Serralunga, Riserva $22,320