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Holiday 2022 Q&A


Q: What are the key points to consider when gifting a fine wine?
A: Unless you are buying for a savvy collector, in which case their specific tastes and the contents of their cellar are the most important, I think you want something that comes in a beautiful collector’s case or box. This adds to the excitement when opening it and gives the recipients something to showcase even after the bottle is consumed.

Q: What is your dream wine for the holidays?
A: Musigny (ideally Mugnier post-2000) or Richebourg – (ideally Leroy).

Q: What is a good wine for large parties that impresses but doesn’t break the bank?
A: It can be hard to impress at large parties as people are more focused on the party aspect than the wine aspect. I think the best you can do is pop something with a “wow” factor that’s pop and pour ready so I would always recommend Champagne. Dom Perignon is a great place to start!

Q: Which Champagne will you be popping on New Year’s Eve?
A: Krug 2008

Q: If I’m looking for a great Burgundy to buy as a gift for a collector who just started their collection – what would you recommend?
A: The 2002 vintage is what made me fall in love with Burgundy and what I continue to revisit whenever I can. I think the reds from good producers are consistent crowd pleasers and generous and beautiful. If the collector is looking for wines to put away, I would look for new releases from any first or second tier producers that you can find. The price is only going up!

Q: What was your “Aha!” bottle?
A: There were two that sealed the deal for me, and both were 1982s - a Bartolo Mascarello and Billecart Salmon Cuvee Elisabeth Salmon. After those 2, I was hooked.

Q: What’s your favorite food pairing for the holiday season?
A: I open Amarone or Valpolicella once a year on Thanksgiving and it is always either Dal Forno or Quintarelli. I think those wines pair great with traditional Thanksgiving and winter-holiday fare.




shoshana filene
Shoshana Filene
Mg. Dir. Fine Wine Sales & Advisory
Specialty: Burgundy & Bordeaux
ABOUT Shoshana filene

Shoshana, our “Shosh”, is a sixteen-year veteran of the fine wine industry who has represented several of the most respected wine and spirits purveyors throughout her career. Shosh’s interest in wine began while completing her master’s degree in Middle Eastern History in Israel. Wine became her true calling after tasting a 1982 Bartolo Mascarello Barolo and a 1982 Latour at an epic wine dinner in 2004. Acknowledged by Wine Enthusiast Magazine in 2019 as a 40 under 40 Tastemaker for her work in wine education and auctions, Shoshana offers her clients a wealth of knowledge and experience, along with a keen appreciation for the unique social and cultural exchanges wine affords.

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