The Wine Workshop Presents

Heitz Martha’s Vineyard Dinner

Tuesday, June 7th 2022 | 7:00 PM Reception, 7:30 PM Dinner
The Dutch
131 Sullivan St
New York, NY 10012

In the context of the history of California wine, no one can argue the importance of Heitz Martha’s Vineyard, arguably California’s greatest Cabernet. Joe Heitz was already making wine in Napa before the arrival of Robert Mondavi to Oakville. Mondavi and others have changed their styles over the years, constantly fine tuning their wines to find that winning formula, whereas Joe Heitz found his winning style decades ago and has stuck with it. This explains why his wines may not be as trendy as many modern winemakers, yet they are among the greatest wines that California has ever produced, especially his flagship wine from Martha’s Vineyard in Oakville. Heitz started buying the grapes from Martha’s Vineyard in 1965 but was blending them with other fruit. In 1966 the vineyard was designated on the label and an American classic was born. For many connoisseurs Heitz Martha’s Vineyard is the greatest wine produced in California. With its distinctive eucalyptus, minty aroma it has a strong character all its own. This is an extremely rare opportunity to taste an incredible vertical of this legendary wine, don’t miss it!

Wines include: Heitz, Martha’s Vineyard 1968 Spring Mountain, Martha’s Vineyard 1968 Heitz, Martha’s Vineyard 1969 Spring Mountain, Heitz Vineyard 1969 Heitz, Martha’s Vineyard 1970 Heitz, Martha’s Vineyard 1972 Heitz, Martha’s Vineyard 1974 Heitz, Martha’s Vineyard 1975 Heitz, Martha’s Vineyard 1981 Heitz, Martha’s Vineyard 1983 Heitz, Martha’s Vineyard 1984 - Magnum Heitz, Martha’s Vineyard 1985 Heitz, Martha’s Vineyard 1986 Heitz, Martha’s Vineyard 1987 Heitz, Martha’s Vineyard 1992 Heitz, Martha’s Vineyard 1997

$2595 per person + tax

Given the success of COVID mitigating tactics, Acker and the Wine Workshop are continuing to prioritize the health and well-being of our guests. Every precaution will be taken to ensure a safe and healthy environment for our guests, with staff on hand to clean and disinfect all surfaces before, during, and after events. Proof of vaccination will be required to attend all events.


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