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What began as a package store in 1820, today stands as the oldest and most respected wine shop in America, the largest global wine auction house, and the preeminent destination for fine wine worldwide. For its nearly 200-year history, Acker Merrall & Condit, now known simply as “Acker”, has been a true one-stop-shop for expert wine services in every form. Its culture is deeply rooted in customer service, upholding a commitment to the highest standards, applied across a vast array of amenities including a world-class wine club, fine wine retail inventory, a wine concierge service, advisement on wine as an investment, cellar consultations and appraisals, first-class wine education programs, bespoke events and tastings, corporate business services, and its crown jewel, global fine and rare wine auctions.


In 1998, third-generation wine merchant John Kapon expanded his family’s retail store operation to conduct independent, live auctions in New York City. Rather than follow in the footsteps of traditional auction houses who, at the time, charged commissions to both buyer and seller, Kapon set Acker apart by removing the sellers commission entirely, attracting many new collectors to the world of wine auctions. Generally known to be little more than open rooms with rows of chairs facing an auctioneer, Acker’s auctions became food and wine celebrations – convivial, social gatherings hosted at some of New York’s best restaurants - all of which were “bring your own bottle” friendly and offered tastes of wines from the collections being sold. Almost overnight, the wine auction archetype was transformed from a starchy, stiff, business event to a vivacious assembly of oenophiles, and Acker continued to set itself apart from its competitors. It remains to this day an innovator in the wine industry, embracing technology and emerging trends, while employing a unique, warm and welcoming approach to offering fine and rare wine to collectors and enthusiasts worldwide.

In 2008, only ten years after its first auction in New York City, Acker became the first auction house to recognize the growing thirst for wine in Asia and held its first Asia sale on May 31st, 2008 in Hong Kong. Acker Asia’s first sale was a tremendous success, selling over $8M USD to a market recently freed from prohibitive tariffs on alcohol. In 2011, Acker cemented its position at the top of the wine auction market by being the first wine auction firm to exceed US$100 million in revenue between all of its affiliates, setting hundreds of world records for wine throughout the year in the process. It crossed the $1 billion mark in auction revenue in 2018.

With affiliated companies in Hong Kong, New York City, Tokyo, and further expansion on the horizon, Acker hosts live auctions every month, and has a constantly running internet auction, providing its clients constant access the world’s best wines. Today, it is the world’s largest wine auction house, atop the wine auction market in revenue earnings for the majority of the past decade. Its name is synonymous with personalized, polished, and expert services in all areas of wine.

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