America’s Oldest Wine Merchant & Leading Auction House Increases Global Footprint

LONDON - MAY 19, 2022

Acker, America's oldest wine merchant and leading auction house has expanded into the UK as a fine wine merchant. Adding to its existing global private client business, the company has amassed a robust inventory of UK-based stock consisting of wines with great provenance, including rare vintage Champagne, First Growth Bordeaux, red and white Grand Cru Burgundy, and more. The company’s UK site connects customers to a digitally maintained list of wines, with orders serviced by its knowledgeable and reputable staff.

To oversee operations, the company has brought on well-respected wine-trade veterans Nick Martin, formerly of Farr Vintners, as Managing Director of the UK, and Kate Janecek as Buying Director, formerly of Justerini & Brooks and Berry Brothers & Rudd. Along with expert sales associates, the company is building out Acker UK’s business, offering primarily wines originating in Europe and sourced from European collectors and distributors, adding an important layer of provenance for many buyers in the region.

“Having wines on our stock list that have never left Europe is a tremendous selling-point in the UK,” said Nick Martin, UK Managing Director. “Since many of the world’s greatest wines are produced in our part of the world, knowing these wines have not been moved out of Europe lends a touch more confidence to our clients.” He added, “Even buyers who wish to take advantage of this outside of the UK may purchase and have their wine held in bond here, which is a service we offer and one that has financial benefits to investors.”

Acker’s continued global expansion into Europe comes during a time of rebirth for the company, with CEO Irvin Goldman having joined the operation in 2017. Global sales expanded with key hires at the corporate level from top competing auction houses and retailers – injecting even deeper industry expertise and influence into the already very successful company. Said Goldman, “The fact remains that market demand continues to outpace the available fine wine in the world. As the need for the world’s top brands continues to hold worldwide, offering UK-located wines for sale to our clients abroad was crucial, and we are very happy to meet that need as we continue to grow.”

Acker’s UK stock list is viewable at

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